Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Wolverine

Guess who went and saw The Wolverine the Thursday night before it opened? That's right, this guy did!
Oh, and, THANKS Fandango! They had an awesome deal wear you get the Comixology digital copy of Wolverine #1 when you buy your movie tickets from them. How awesome is that?! Not only is this an excellent cross-promotion, but it will also introduce likely hundreds if not thousands of people to the wonderful blooming industry of digital comics!

Let me tell you, the movie did not disappoint! I would rank it way above the previous X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie, despite that one doing better on its opening weekend. All the reviews said The Wolverine was "the Wolverine movie fans have been waiting for", and that could not have been more true! In my opinion, it was the best of all the X-Men movies, and second only to the Avengers franchise. It had brilliantly placed humorous moments (Wolvie being scrubbed like a rabid 2-year old!); some really awesome Berserker Rage moments (Wolvie flying through the air on top of a bullet train!); and really made me care about the characters, despite not knowing very much about Wolverine in Japan. Hugh Jackman did a marvellous job of really giving Logan a soul. The part when Logan puts the bear out of its misery and then goes to the bar to seek justice was particularly moving. I cared even more about Wolverine because of the power inhibitor, so there was an actual risk of him being vulnerable. Every time he got shot, you actually felt his pain through the screen.

In fact, I only have three criticisms of the movie:
1. The climax was anticlimactic.
All the tailors before hand showed Wolverine going to see Yashida. Wolverine had previously risked his life to a nuclear bomb to save Yashida. Yashida spent his whole life telling his son and granddaughter about the "Kazuri" with superhuman strength. Logan makes love to Yashida's granddaughter. And then, at the end, that's who the villain turns out to be? That's right, Yashida. Sometimes twists like these work, but, here, it really just seems like they blew their wad on the first two halves of the movie and ran out of material. Plus, the Viper lady peeling her skin off was just weird, and not really necessary, at all.
2. The dreams were just creepy.
I get that there weren't many other opportunities to get some T&A on screen, but, I mean, come on, really? Did you have to show Logan having such vivid dreams about Cyke's dead girlfriend? I know he's been in love with her forever, but, seriously, it was just weird.
3. There was way too much violence.
 Obviously, the creators of The Wolverine hadn't read X-Men #3:
Did ya get that?  That was Wolverine telling Magneto, "we're heroes, even when it hurts, we gotta stand for something. An' I draw the line at MURDER." Heroes don't murder. They arrest, they vanquish, they kick ass, but they do not wantonly kill every bad guy they come across, no matter if it's a nameless goon or a super-villain.
Wolverine straight murdered so many people in that move, I lost count. I know he's a savage beast, but still.... First he was murdering the Yakuza, and that's justifiable, because, you know, they're evil gangsters. And the he grabs a guy out of a car, tosses him 20 feet through the air, pounces on him, and, when he doesn't get the answers he needed, just shanks the dude in the chest. Come on, Wolvie! And then, the ol' Canucklehead starts murdering ninjas! The very same ninjas he was just working with a little while ago to fight off the Yakuza! 
To top it all off, in order to keep this film PG-13, there was hardly any blood. Which made things look redonculous. Adamantium claws slicing and dicing guys left and right, and not a drop of blood anywhere! If you're going to go with the whole over-the-top savage Wolverine, you can't do it without blood. That just makes it look too cartoonish.

There were some other head-scratching moments, like, Wolverine's healing factor now applies to his claws? And, his hair?! So, yeah, other than those things, great movie! Go see it! And then, go see it again!