Friday, April 24, 2015

Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F Chapter 3

I was right the first time, this three chapter manga is a prequel to the movie. Or, more like, a prequel, plus the first part of the film. The Plot from Wikipedia matches up with the first two chapters:

With their power dwindling due to the absence of their leader, the remnants of Frieza's army are led by an alien named Sorbet, who decides to revive their master. He then sets off to Earth with one other minion, Tagoma, where they convince Pilaf, Mai and Shu, who have collected the Dragon Balls to let them use them instead. As Shenron is unable to fully revive Frieza, he brings him back to life in pieces, and his minions put him together using their advanced technology. Once restored, Frieza kills Tagoma and learns that Son Goku got much stronger, to the point of defeating Majin Buu, and thus he decides he too needs to become more powerful. Frieza reveals that, since his power was inborn, he had never trained a day in his life, and so he trains himself for the first time before returning to earth with his army six months later. Jaco the Galactic Patrolman travels to earth to warn Bulma that Frieza is approaching, and she gathers the other warriors to fight him. With Goku and Vegeta training on Planet Beerus with Whis, unaware that Frieza has been revived, Gohan, Piccolo, Krillin, Master Roshi, Tenshinhan and Jaco fight off Frieza's soldiers.
Anyway, with Chapter 3 we find out who was in the space ship from Chapter 2's cliff hanger. For more on Jaco, check out this post. It's pretty cool to see how he's fitting in to the DBZ universe.

Chapter 3 reads like the best of the DBZ anime. It's got me excited for the movie, which opened really well in Japan and has me hopeful to see the DBZ saga continue. These have been out for a while, but I couldn't find an English version anywhere, so I did the same thing here I did for Chapter 2.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Jaco the Galactic Patrolman, the Dragon Ball Prequel

As I mentioned I would in my Dragon Ball Minus post, I finally read Jaco the Galactic Patrolman. It was a very fun little story. Even though it takes up 242 pages, much of that is fight scenes and the rest is very easy to read. I got through it all in an hour or two. It was filled with that classic Akira Toriyama humor and made me literally LOL more than a couple times. The art is some of the best Toriyama has done, on par with or better than any of his DBZ stuff.

I was a little disappointed that it barely tied into the Dragon Ball universe. Most of the book was Jaco and Omori hanging out on Omori's private island, working on Jaco's ship, and traveling to the main city to get some milk and cheese. You can read the summaries of each chapter over at Dragon Ball Insider, if you're so inclined.

Still, it is very cool to see the two stories intertwining, and I know Jaco is set to show up in Resurrection F as well as a DLC for Dragon Ball: Xenoverse, so it's great to get some back-story on him. The last couple pages from Dragon Ball Minus, even though the story itself is found at the end of the Jaco book, serve as the prequel for the Jaco story, showing King Galaxy sending Jaco to Earth to stop Goku.

Here are the other parts from the Jaco manga that connect to Dragon Ball:

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Silver Surfer: The Animated Series

A while back, after I read "The Essential Silver Surfer Volume 1", I also watched the one and only season of the 1998 Animated Series, and I absolutely loved it. Probably one of the best superhero cartoons of all time. And I'm currently watching through the Spiderman Animated Series from the 90s, and it's pretty good too, but especially when comparing Silver Surfer to the X-Men, Fantastic Four, and Iron Man cartoons from my childhood, it holds up remarkably well. If you want, you can watch all 13 episodes of that first season on YouTube right now.

The problem is, that last episode leaves on a heckuva cliffhanger, and Marvel just happened to go bankrupt before they could produce the planned second season. What a bummer!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

See, What Had Happened Was...

I still can't sell movies on eBay anymore, after a misunderstanding when they sent me the wrong warning message the first time and then went ahead and just stopped me from listing in that category altogether on the second time. I tried calling and explaining my situation and the eBay customer service guy told me they'd investigate, but of course they never fixed it. That was the first of this recent trend where it seems like I just can't catch a break, like the Universe is punishing me for something.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Dragon Ball Minus - "Rocket Child of Destiny"

Here we have Akira Toriyama's special Dragon Ball - story, "Rocket Child of Destiny". He did it to tie his most well-known story into his newest manga, Jaco the Galactic Patrolman. One day soon I hope to pull all the relevant pages from Jaco and post them here, to see how the stories crossover with each other. As I've come to expect after watching all of the Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z anime, Toriyama doesn't hesitate to do a retcon here and there when it suits his purposes. In this omake story, he changes the story from the anime (especially the Bardock TV special) to make Goku 3-years-old when he is sent to Earth, rather than a newborn. But, hey, Dragon Ball is Toriyama's creation, so if he wants to change it here and there, that's OK with me.

The other significant thing from this omake is it's the first time we see Goku's mother, Gine.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F Chapter 2

Since I posted the first post on the newest Dragon Ball Z movie, it's gotten a slightly different name. At first it was translated as Rebirth of F or Revival of F. FUNimation got the rights and they're going to show the English-dubbed version this summer, and now it's just going to be called Resurrection F.

The second chapter to what I thought was a prequel manga--but now appears to just be a manga version of the film's story in its entirety--is now available below. This isn't as good a quality as the first chapter, as I just took a fan translation and pasted it into the Japanese version of the scanned pages, but it's what we have for now!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Looking Past a Creator to Enjoy the Work

I don't want to get in the middle of a comics blogger "feud", but yesterday my favorite website for rumors, Bleeding Cool, and my favorite comics website of all, The Outhousers, wrote articles on this thing between Chris Sims and Valerie D'Orazio, and I've got opinions about it. Well, not about D'Orazio exactly (because I've never heard of her before this), but about Sims and some of the larger overarching issues here.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Coby's Top 5 Comics of the Week of 3/11/15

Oh my goodness, this was probably the best week of comics since I started reading comics almost two years ago. So many good comics! Usually I have to rack my brain struggling to come up with five pretty good ones for this list--this week I have the opposite problem, trying to score them all and come up with the five best! There was All-New X-Men #37, Amazing Spider-Man #16, Amazing Spider-Man Special #1, Ant-Man #3, Captain Marvel #13, Deadpool #43, Hellbreak #1, Howard the Duck #1, Ultimate Spider-Man #11, Ms. Marvel #13, New Avengers #31, Ninjak #1, Nova Annual #1, Postal #2, Silver Surfer #10, Southern Cross #1, Spawn Resurrection #1, Spider-Gwen #2, Spider-Man & The X-Men #4, Spider-Man 2099 #10, Star Wars #3, Superior Iron Man #6, The Surface #1, The Walking Dead #138, and Thor #6! Holy cow! That's alotta good comics worth reading! I'll try my best to pick my Top 5 from that list for ya:

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Dragon Ball Z: Revival of F

During the break I took from Coby's Comics, I checked a longtime goal of mine of the ol' bucket list. My wonderful wife Sierra and I watched all the episodes of Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, and Dragon Ball GT, including all the OAVs and movies. It was a heckuva lotta anime to watch. Even so, I'm still looking for more! I haven't yet watched the remastered Dragon Ball Z Kai, but I still want to. And I've only just started reading the manga. I've read the first few Dragon Ball and DBZ mangas, and they're all pretty much copied frame for frame in the anime, so I'll save those for later. Instead I've found a few different dojinshi continuing the story after Dragon Ball GT, which I've been reading and will be posting on here eventually.

But for now, let's get into the newest DBZ movie, set to come out April 18: "Revival of F".

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Daredevil Trailer

Big News Item of the Day:

Marvel Releases Daredevil Trailer

Before all the episodes get dumped on Netflix next month, here's a trailer: